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Napísané: Ne Máj 24, 2009 4:22 am
od užívateľa gabberattack
Dostal som nedavno email od tohoto projektu - ziada financnu pomoc na prevadzku... nieco mu poslem teda, aj ked projekt neratam. Pre istotu tu uverejnujem list v plnom zneni.

Hello gabberattack (johnny, eriq, segfault, r2k4, bully, sifon),

If I am serious, I have to say that we just don't have enough money to run FreeHAL@home in a proper way.
Our project is some kind of insolvent - sorry, I'm not able to tell you this in a better english. There is no company behind us, so we can't be "insolvent" in the normal meaning of that word.

Half a dozen of members donated so far, and I am really thankful. But this is not enough. It's just too insufficient. I'm not rich, and with these donations I'm able to cover current costs. But I don't know how long I can do that.
That's why I really need your help.

Donations are possible using Paypal:

Best Regards,
Tobias (Project Administrator)