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Ibercivis (fusion)

Napísané: Ut Feb 02, 2010 4:54 pm
od užívateľa Duro Kotulic Bunta
Ahojte, mate niekto podrobnejsie info o sade projektov pod Ibercivis? Konkretne som sa pripojil do fusion podprojektu (ktory spracovava simulacie castic v fusion reaktore pre ITER), ale nie su ziadne WUs, a nejako som nenasiel ani nejake dedikovane forum k tomuto podprojektu..

Any info welcome...

(to iste sa tyka aj EDGeS, pod ktorym by ITER fusion tiez mal fungovat...)

EDIT: pardooon, pod EDGeS sa to rozbehlo a WUs su .. :) velmi zaujimave, len skoda ze na ibercivis nie je o tom ziadna systematicka zmienka ktoru by clovek aj spravne pochopil... takze poucenie - aj chcete ratat ITER plamozve simulacie, tak asi cez EDGeS, nie cez Ibercivis...
Hm, popri WCG je to asi dalsi projekt ktory by si asi zasluzil samostatny clanok, predsa len fusion energy je jasna z hladiska jadrovej fyziky, ale vobec nie z hladiska inzinierskeho (cize draha a stabilita castic plazmy v ITERi, presne to co sa rata pod EDGeS..).. a navyse ten uzitok pre ludstvo v pripade uspesneho zvladnutia plazmy....

Re: Ibercivis (fusion)

Napísané: Ut Júl 27, 2010 8:15 pm
od užívateľa Duro Kotulic Bunta
Po dlhom case (mesiace) som dostal odpoved na moje otazky o paralelnom behu fuznych aplikacii pod EDGeS a Ibercivis, od sefa vyskumneho teamu. Pre setrenie casu iba copy pastujem otazky s odpovedami, ak by tomu niekto nerozumel a zaujimalo ho to, pytajte sa.

Dear Juraj,

I am the responsible of Fusion in Ibercivis and the Head of the Theory Unit of Fusion at Ciemat, in Spain.

I am happy that you are doing a nice divulgation effort for Fusion. I tjhink that it is worthwhile that the citizens become familiar with this future energy source.

I proceed to answer your questions

1. what is the intention of running paralelly EDGeS and Ibercivis fusion applications?

It is a nice way to show that presently grid and desktop computing are totally interchangeable, provided you are running a suitable application. In the future, cloud computing could also be introduced in the system. The point is to have all the possible CPU coming form the appropriated architectures for the applications that are suitable for such architectures.

2. what is the future of fusion application within these projects - is it supposed to continue runing them parallely in long term? Or would one of these application be shut-down in the future?

We plan to continue running ISDEP application, since we are getting more and more results and introducing new and new developments.
We are considering of using new applications apart from ISDEP.

3. Are the WUs (in EDGeS and Ibercivis) different and will they be analyzed by the same scientific team?

Yes, the WUs atre totally different and it is challenging that the same application can run perfectly on both architectures. EDGeS (now EGI, which is the project successor of EDGES) provides a bridge between the grid and the different desktop grids, in this case Ibercivis.

Yes, the same team, my team, is analysing the results of the applications running on such architectures and publishing the results.

4. Does the application simulate directly ITER reactor or some other reactor shapes?

We are working both on ITER reactor an also on a stellarator (Particularly on TJ-II stellarator)

5. what is the supposed availablity of work (WUs) - will there be continuous amount of work or would the work be sent out occasionally in bunches?

The way in which our community works in that we launch a bunch for production and stop running the application to analyse the results. Once this is done we can send again a bunch of jobs or perform a new development on the application before running it again. So we work in a kind of intermitent way.

Thank you for your interest and for your encouraging comments. Please, do not hesitate in contacting me in case you need eny more information of our work

Best wishes

Paco Castejón
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